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Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine offers all-natural healthcare plans for men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona. The all-natural medicine that we offer at our practice is proven to enhance outcomes for preventative care, chronic disease management, and quality of life. Healthcare advocacy is emerging as a key component to client retention and improved health outcomes.

Healthcare Advocacy in Phoenix, AZ

What is Healthcare Advocacy?

Healthcare advocacy is a service that is provided to individuals who are considered at risk due to socioeconomics, complex chronic conditions, and difficulty navigating the healthcare system. Our healthcare advocates perform a range of services that are tailored to your specific needs.

For example, we may help you better understand the “lingo” of your chronic condition, connect you with a primary care provider, or make referrals to specialists who will share your freedom of choice in your health and well-being. We also advocate for all-natural options that may not be explained as part of your primary care and specialty care.

Healthcare Advocacy in Phoenix, AZ

What Are the Benefits of Healthcare Advocacy?

Both in studies and practice, healthcare advocacy has proven to be a valuable tool that fills in gaps within the healthcare community. Research has shown that men and women often feel confused, intimidated, or disempowered by their health, whether it is staying healthy, living with a chronic condition, or being fearful of the effects of aging. Healthcare advocacy gives you a partner who works on your behalf and helps you navigate to make the best choices for yourself.

What Types of Healthcare Advocacy Are Offered at Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine?

At Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine, our healthcare advocacy includes:

  • Referrals to primary and specialty care: If you do not have a primary care physician or are not comfortable with that relationship, we help bridge the gap in your care. We have a network of specialists that provide tele-med interviews and the care that you need. We also have a physician that can provide basic care via tele-med interviews with our clients and prescribe medications if needed and appropriate.
  • Healthcare navigation: If you are tired of long waits with the specialists that you need to manage your health and chronic conditions, we are here to help you navigate the system and find the care that you need.
  • Health education
  • Low-cost medications
  • Health diagnostics
  • International medicine
  • Stem cell education

How Can I Learn More About Healthcare Advocacy in Phoenix?

Alexander Borsand, MD, ABLM supports men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona with all-natural healthcare that encourages lifestyle changes to heal the body. Our healthcare advocacy focuses on ways to fill in gaps to empower you to protect and enhance your health. To learn more, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Borsand.