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Alexander Lightstone Borsand, MD, ABLM is an allopathic trained physician who was tired of the inefficient and often ineffective current healthcare system. After training with a Holistic Osteopath in Fort Worth, Texas, he decided to devote his career to the prevention of disease and became board certified as a  Lifestyle Medicine Physician. With this increased focus on patient care through the modification of the modern lifestyle, Dr. Borsand has found that disease can be prevented and managed without reliance on pharmaceutical dependence. Dr. Borsand has furthered his alternative medical education at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, taking courses in botanical medicine, advanced nutrition and environmental medicine.

While Dr. Borsand is not a naturopathic doctor, he does incorporate the naturopathic principals in his practice. Dr. Borsand believes that lifestyle changes are paramount to protecting one’s health, and he does not rely on the traditional health care system to prevent disease. Dr. Borsand does not prescribe any medication, as this is not the role of a Lifestyle Medicine Physician.