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Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine offers all-natural healthcare plans for men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona. The all-natural medicine that we offer at our practice is proven to enhance outcomes for preventative care, chronic disease management, and quality of life.

Weight Management Programs in Phoenix, AZ

What is All-Natural Healthcare?

All-natural healthcare is often labeled as an alternative or complementary therapy to traditional medicine. The goal of all-natural healthcare is to find ways to help our clients improve their overall health from an emotional and physical standpoint, using natural options such as herbal medicine, environmental medicine, and easily obtainable lifestyle modifications. We often fill in gaps left by general practitioners and specialists, giving our clients the specific steps and insights they need to manage their emotional and physical health.

What is Allopathic Medicine?

Allopathic medicine combines the benefits of science with all-natural approaches. Dr. Borsand and his colleagues who follow allopathic methodologies understand that no single physician, approach, or specialty can address all facets of healthcare when quality of life is the centerpiece. Dr. Borsand works closely with all members of your medical team from a point of collaboration.

What Are the Benefits of All-Natural Healthcare?

Ideally, all-natural healthcare would replace the need for pharmaceuticals and allow the body to heal naturally. This is not always possible, so the primary goal of our healthcare is to improve your quality of life. Any reduction on pharmaceutical dependence is a secondary goal.

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Alexander Borsand, MD, ABLM supports men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona with all-natural healthcare that encourages lifestyle changes to heal the body. Our healthcare plans focus on your overall health and ways that you can protect and enhance your health. To learn more, contact [LINK] us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Borsand.