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Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine specializes in all-natural healing that protects and improves your overall health. Our physiological stress healthcare plan for men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona is tailored to lifestyle modifications that help heal your body naturally.

Physiological Stress in Phoenix, AZ

What is Physiological Stress?

Physiological stress describes the physical response that occurs in your body under stress and difficult situations. People with chronic stress, anxiety, or PTSD often respond emotionally to physiological stress more intensely than other people because these normal sensations bring back or trigger uncomfortable experiences. In this way, physiological stress, which is intended as a survival technique, actually worsens a person’s emotional state, leaving them to never feel at ease.

At Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine, we provide men and women with chronic physiological stress or persistent physiological stress with all-natural options to ease their stress response.

Physiological Stress in Phoenix, AZ

How Much Does All-Natural Healthcare for Physiological Stress Cost?

The cost of your physiological stress healthcare at Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine is based upon the plan that you develop with Dr. Borsand during the consultation. We charge $250 for the consultation, which takes about 90 minutes. We do not offer financing options, but we may be able to offer sliding scale payment options if you qualify.

What Should I Expect from All-Natural Physiological Stress Healthcare?

The first step is to determine the extent of your physiological stress and any triggers, including poor nutrition, lack of activity, and poor sleep habits. People with chronic physiological stress are often in a toxic cycle that disrupts any potential for alleviating their symptoms. Our assessment tools provide valuable insight as to how the cycle can be broken. Dr. Borsand then recommends lifestyle changes, and we support you along the journey by celebrating your successes and helping guide you through any barriers and challenges.

Why Should I Choose Scottsdale Lifestyle Medicine for All-Natural Physiological Stress Healthcare?

Dr. Borsand provides healthcare plans to his clients that are based upon all-natural lifestyle modifications rather than medications that are used in traditional medicine. Your body has an innate ability to heal and balance itself given the right level of support, such as nutrients and body composition. Dr. Borsand is the only allopathic-trained American Board of Lifestyle Medicine Physician in Scottsdale. He has taken courses in naturopathic medicine, and he uses those principles to help his clients.

How Can I Learn More About All-Natural Healthcare for Physiological Stress in Phoenix?

Alexander Borsand, MD, ABLM supports men and women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona with physiological stress healthcare that is based on all-natural healing that encourages lifestyle changes to heal the body. Our healthcare plans focus on your overall health and ways that you can protect and enhance your health. To learn more, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Borsand.